Isaac Terpstra (DJ Pandemonium), the owner of Restricted Entertainment commissioned the wheel to be built after being inspired by Dallas Fetish Ball (Courtney Crave) and their wheel of pain. The Spin of Sin was made into a smaller compact wheel that could fold and travel easily. He asked Mistress Mercedez and Lex Ruthless to come up with 16 punishments to match the corresponding numbers on the wheel.


The Spin of Sin made its debut in 2019 as it was introduced to the Sin City Fetish Night and the Restricted Entertainment Event Circuit.


Lex Ruthless saw this as an opportunity to take this beyond simply a “prize wheel” where a dominatrix hands out sessions. Lex wanted it to be engaging and visually appealing to audience members and saw this as a chance to merge interactive art, performance, and audience experience. Lex has a Masters in Intercultural studies with a focus on subcultures and a double Bachelors in both Education and Theatre/Literature in which a portion of his studies revolved around “Cruel Theater” (by Dr. Leanne Groeneveld) which studied the plays of Marquis De Sade as well as the history of public cruelty as performance. For example: the Roman Colosseum Games or the public executions and spectacles during medieval times. It was theorized that humanity has a history of desiring bloodsports or cruel spectacle. This still exists today and has developed into newer forms such as the Superbowl Cup in a stadium or competitive fighting in the octagon on Pay-Per-View. Using his academia knowledge as a basis, Lex was able to make the Spin of Sin successfully draw together the elements of cruel theater, classic carnival sideshows, and interactive performance art. 


The Spin of Sin is best viewed In-the-round theater style where spectators have all access to all sides for viewing. The audience is drawn into the space by their curiosity, or emphatic compassion, or sadistic pleasure, or in some way by watching others suffer; they often feel better about their own situation and better cope with their own hardships. 


The wheel is free spinning and winning is based on chance or probability. All winnings are designed to be a stimulating experience for both participant and viewer. We often hear audience members saying under their breath “I could do that” and then sign up to try the wheel and spin to win. Thus the interactive art takes place where the patron moves from Voyeur to Performer.  


It is truly the only space where an individual can experience the excitement of voyeurism, the anticipation of a probability game, and then the thrill of exhibitionism in performance melded with the adrenaline and endorphin rush of masochism. It has been compared for example) to be similar to deciding to get a tattoo in a public tattoo parlor (the choosing of the tattoo, enduring the pain of the tattoo procedure, and then the pleasure and rush during and after by showing off the tattoo). The Spin of Sin is a similar feeling.


The Spin of Sin is hosted by Switch Kitchen. Switch Kitchen is a subcultural group of current and former service industry individuals who perform in live performances, BDSM/Kink Educational Seminars, and Adult Film Production. You can find more about SwitchKitchen's Specific History HERE. Switch Kitchen facilitators are professionals who either are professional BDSM providers or have received training and mentorship in the skill. All of the Spin of SIn punishments & pleasures are safe and consent is discussed beforehand with each patron who spins with the establishment of safe words that can be used to end the session at any time. There is no actual permanent harm, maiming, or life changing injuries. There is the use of theatrics, props, and special effects to maximize the performance while keeping all participants safe. However, patrons are to understand Risk Aware Consensual Kink and by entering 1) the dungeon and 2) the Spin of Sin performance space they are aware of their own decision and are choosing to participate under their own volition and therefore accept the risks that inherently come with kink and impact play. They understand that impact does cause discomfort and pain and that pleasure does cause pleasure and sometimes arousal. All props, toys, and tools are sanitized and workstations are sanitized after contact with any fluids or bare skin. This helps keep people safe and healthy within the performance space.


The Spin of Sin has given birth to other derivative sideshows of “Probability-Punishment” or chance-based BDSM. This includes SwitchKitchen's use of various other machines or chance-games. This combined with Switch Kitchen’s showmanship and flair makes this performance distinct from other prize-wheel shows.


If you are interested in participating in the Spin of Sin at an upcoming event please follow us on social media or visit our calendar to see our upcoming shows.