What to Expect:


Step right up! All are welcome to enjoy the Spin of Sin for FREE at Sin City Fetish Nights, every second Saturday of the month. 


Our playspace is simple:


1. You line up                       

2. Spin the Wheel                

3. Win a Punishment          

4. We discuss consent        

5. You get a 5min scene     

6. Tip us Cash if you want 

7. Line up again for more! 



We are great for those who are new to Sin City and Kink/BDSM and are looking for a way to play at the event without knowing people or came to the event by themselves. Every one of our volunteer facilitators are masters in their practice and can create a safe and consensual experience at the pain level of your liking. 


We use the ‘Stop-light’ Safeword system. At any time you can say ‘Yellow’ which means = ‘limit approaching - lighten up’ or ‘RED’ which means ‘STOP’ and you want to stop playing.


**Disclaimer: By entering the Spin of Sin space you understand that you are participating in a BDSM experience and understand RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). Our monthly live events at Sin City Fetish Night there is NO lower genital nudity allowed. At ‘Sin City After Hours’ or ‘In Studio’ is explicit & hardcore.**


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